Peace and love to
everyone that you meet
Don't you worry,
it could be so sweet
Just look to the rainbow,
you will see
Sun will shine till eternity


Since playing with my dad’s vinyl records when I was a child, music is something that I have lived and breathed most of my life, where in 1998 I then started to chase my passion as a DJ. Mainly operating within the city bars and nightclubs scene, I saw the back end of the rave and happy hardcore scene before Trance made its resurgence, shortly followed by the come back of the hip hop scene the mainstage in the mid 2000’s. Being part of the music culture for over a decade, I then departed the scene for a few years to complete a bachelor’s degree. Returning to DJing circa 2012 with a focus on the festival scene, event organisation and eventually weddings in 2014.

Since my return to DJing I have had the pleasure of organising and DJing at some very high-profile events that have been hosted by high profile celebs. Most notably was the Invictus Games After Party in 2016, 2017 and 2018 where I had the pleasure of not only meeting Prince Harry, but the amazing participants where I got to hear their stories and find out what drives them forward. After 20 years of manipulating music, in 2019 I took to making music and to date I have written over 100 songs and turned about half of these into releases that can be found on all major streaming platforms. The next step for me is to start moving into teaching those that wish to get into the DJ industry and enhance the small classes I currently administer.

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