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Raising The Standards In The Art Of DJing



01. High End DJ Service

Stylish. Trendy. Always ahead of our time. We are trusted to deliver events for some of the UK’s most prestige’s events.

Bringing you some of the finest Event DJ and Wedding DJ talent available in the Hampshire and West Sussex area dedicated to perfecting the art of DJing.

Passionate in what we do, we craft the most unforgettable weddings, birthdays or corporate events in the most elegant or vibrant venues the south coast has to offer.

  • Anything But Average

    Wedding DJ Services

    Anything But

    A Premier Service

    The right wedding dj or events dj is an investment in your wedding or private event. So we work hard on being anything but average. We do amazing things for amazing people without using outdated techniques, pre-set playlists or cheesy interaction acts at our events.

    ATR Event Group is the epitome of high quality wedding DJ and event DJ services for the south UK area. Our pre-event service ensures stress free preparation and when your event arrives we provide an impressive display of AV equipment as expected from a premium brand.

  • Hampshire Wedding DJ Skilled

    Event DJ Services

    & Dynamic

    Regular Headliners

    Performing at celebrations for those involved in the Invictus Games with the royal family in attendance, we have provided our Wedding DJ and Event DJ services from Scotland to Singapore and lots of places in between.

    We are trusted suppliers to BAE, Babcock, Airbus, Ministry of Defence (and more) who book with us regularly at their sites across the UK. So you can expect more from your Wedding DJ or Events DJ because you deserve it.

  • Hampshire Wedding DJ Upbeat Events

    Roots From The Club DJ World

    Upbeat Event

    Disco to Club Classics

    Always striving for innovation and to be on the cutting edge of modern trends. As wedding DJ and events DJ professionals that regularly work in the nightclub scene, if you want an upbeat event then we guarantee you satisfaction or your money back.

    Performing in nightclubs and festivals across the UK as well as private events in Hampshire, we have a background in wide range of events. Making magic happen from small charity events through to old school Hed Kandi nights.




03. Our Music (Info In Tabs)

We know that you cant always make it to the clubs of Hampshire or London where we mainly DJ, so we have put some event recordings together that you can listen to over on our Mixcloud page.

We have many things that make us unique and stand out from the crowd. One of which is we produce our own remixes to lift your event to a new level, some of which you can find at our Soundcloud Music Page.

Playlists are complete but we’re just taking care of the technical aspects to import them into our website where they will be available very soon.
Further Services and Info

Further Services

04. Music. Creativity. Aspiration.

Listen to the latest music produced by DJ Joe Simpson

Learn more about ATR Event Group with our event management services, multiple artists and our new ‘ATR Event Group Music Label’ bringing the best in local talent to the wider arena.



06. The Party Starts Here

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